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The Samadhi Tree: Then and Now – Our Vision, Our Mission and our Evolution from 2014 to 2022

    The Samadhi Tree Center for Conscious Living first opened its doors in September 2014 by husband and wife founders and owners Dr. Cameron and Meaghan Forster. Their Vision was simple – by spending quality one-on-one time and truly getting to know one another, The Samadhi Tree set out to enhance traditional healthcare by returning to the basics of treating the individual and not just the disease. By educating the patients and clients to know their greatest strengths and with such knowledge, the ability to identify and prevent future health complications from reoccurring in the future, their mission would then be complete. This vision certainly hasn’t changed over the last 8 years and has only been strengthened with the addition of several amazing practitioners and services designed to help patients and clients at any level of their health journey.

    Dr. Cameron started out solo in the 7-room treatment centre for the first year, making sure to understand the ins and outs of the business before embarking upon building the team of practitioners and services the clinic is well-known for today. His practice of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Diet Therapy and Energy Work is still a pillar of health for many. The Samadhi Tree has since welcomed two more Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Registered Acupuncturists with the addition of Dr. Maryna Evans and Cassandra Gray, R.Ac. Specialties of these amazing practitioners include Cupping, Electro-stim/Acute Injury Acupuncture and Acutonics just to name a few.

    Massage Therapy quickly took off at the centre over the coming years as the talent and skill of 3 more massage therapists – Lana Roussel, Kristine Visser and Priscilla Vollmer – built up a steady clientele offering a number of spectacular forms of massage, including Deep Tissue, Raindrop, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Indian Head and Foot, Myofascial Release, Neurofascial Reset and Sarga.

    The clinic is also now well-known for Naturopathic Medicine, thanks to the addition of Dr. Allison Galan, ND. Specializing in Endocrine-related pathologies, including hormonal irregularities and especially thyroid-related conditions. The Samadhi Tree is proud to be able to offer IV/Vitamin injections, herbal and supplemental programs, hormone/food sensitivity testing and diet therapy. Dr. Allison is also a wonderful ear and shoulder to lean on for medical and spiritual advice, to which many patients appreciate the time allotted for this important component of wellness.

    The Spiritual aspect of medicine is often overlooked in allopathic models and perhaps more so in North America than in most places of the world – The Samadhi Tree set out to incorporate many of the worlds’ best medicines under one roof and naturally, the centre attracted therapists specializing in unique modalities.

    Ayurvedic Medicine serves India, Southeast Asia and many countries in the Middle East as the primary model of healthcare and thanks to the addition of Emma Pavich, AHP. RYT., herbal remedies, marma (acupressure) therapy, yoga therapy, diet therapy and emotional intelligence (EQ) soon found its way onto the schedule. The European origins of Osteopathy – a medical practice that emphasizes the treatment of disorders through the manipulation and massage of bones, joints and muscles – attracted Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Brooke Paterson to the Tree. And the Asian/Indian origins of Usui Reiki soon lit the path for Sasha Spronk to join the team; she has since trained in Tibetan Sound Bowl Therapy and Oracle Card Readings thanks to her gift of connecting to Spirit.

    Isolation and the lack of social connection largely in part to the Covid-19 pandemic made it abundantly clear that the mental health of many was at an all-time low in recent years. It was an easy and logical decision to bring on Amberley Rose Tapp to the team as a Registered/Spiritual Counsellor to help provide a much-needed outlet and heart-based counsel to many patients and clients at the clinic. Indeed, The Samadhi Tree has rounded into its’ form – ready to help meet anyone at whatever level was most comfortable and needed.

    The biggest obstacle facing The Samadhi Tree in 2022 isn’t what you might think it would be with such a talented roster of therapists. . . the care, expertise and ability to help patients and clients achieve their health goals are all there. The clinic space and size however is bursting at the seams with volume, and it won’t be long before a second location is likely needed to keep up!

    The love, empathy and quality of care ooze out through the walls of the centre and if you haven’t had the pleasure of receiving a treatment in this magical space yet. . . what are you waiting for??