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One Of Our Own

    One of our own is being directly affected by the war in Ukraine. Dr. Maryna Evans was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and has many of her family, extended family members and friends trapped and attempting to flee. Her very own family farm 20 km outside of Kyiv has been ravaged by bombs and was recently destroyed. . . We need to help.

    The focus is now on helping as many people find refuge via exit strategies and soft places to land abroad and in light of Canada’s recent Emergency Visa Approval, The Samadhi Tree will be donating $5 from each Acupuncture session with Dr. Maryna and Dr. Cam towards a ‘GoFundMe’ account that Maryna has set up.  The intent is to fund as many private charters, billets and living arrangements as possible to help families not only escape but find places to live here in Canada or elsewhere in the world. This will NOT be an additional charge on top of your treatment but rather a donation already built-in from all acupuncture sessions for the foreseeable future; with over 10 million Ukrainians already displaced from their homes, the time is now to step in and help! If you’d care to donate further we will provide an option at the check-out desk to do so as 100% of all donations will go directly to the GoFundMe account.

    **Regardless of political affiliations, beliefs around the war or otherwise please consider this post NOT as an arena for debate or discussion but rather humans helping humans who don’t deserve to be caught up in a war that has left them homeless. We understand there are many wars and tragedies affecting humanity at this time but this one hits one of our own directly at home – thank you for your understanding and support!