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Volume 2: Kristine Visser and Emma Pavich

    During Katelyn and Lana’s maternity leaves, you’ll be warmly met by Kristine Visser RMT and Emma Pavich AHP.

    Kristine, what is your favourite type of massage therapy treatment? It is really hard to say which treatment is my favourite, they are all beneficial in their own way, and I enjoy practicing all of them. I would say my favourite to learn, has probably been Sarga and working with my feet. Giving my hands a rest from time to time. Learning to use a different part of my body to massage is amazing. I am excited to continue the journey of learning to use my feet and offer more and more ways to help people. 

    What is one of the best reactions you have had with a client during a Sarga massage? Sarga looks like a fairly aggressive massage treatment. Clients usually come in for the first time a little nervous about what they are going to experience. Nine times out of ten, halfway through, that same nervous client will say something like “I had no idea this would be so amazing!” or “Kristine! I love this massage!” and from there they chose a Sarga every other time they come in. I love that moment when someone realizes how phenomenal this new massage technique is, and they fall in love with it as I have.  

    How did you get into becoming a Registered Massage Therapist? I moved to Calgary way back in 2014 in the middle of a recession. I had no idea what that meant coming from a small town in northern BC where work was never an issue for me to find. I had an interest in massage therapy for some time, but I had a weird discomfort with feet. I was not sure that would be a wise career choice as I had been building homes and working desk jobs up until then. I decided to check out a school to inquire about Massage Therapy and came out as a student. I fell in love with massage instantly, and feet were never an issue from day one. Now being one of my top favourite modalities, it was meant to be. I love that I put aside my fear to take this completely different direction than what I had been doing previously. I realized quickly, that helping people was really what I was called to do in this lifetime. I cannot imagine doing anything else, and I am excited to keep expanding on it for as long as I can. Even massaging all the feet 🙂

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    Emma, what drew you to Ayurvedic Medicine and Holistic Practices? After being a part of the Health and Wellness industry for many years and seeing more and more people with ‘dis-ease’ in their bodies that Doctors could not explain, I knew there was more to healing a human body than what the western medical system could offer. Following being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and a rare joint condition, it was time to re-evaluate my health practices and let go of the way of the current medical system. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the individual and not the symptom(s). It creates harmony within my own and patients’ bodies with only a few gentle lifestyle adjustments.

    What is your favourite herb, and what healing properties does it have? I have two herbs that I love recommending, ginger and ashwagandha. Ginger is fantastic for weak digestion. Chewing a few fresh slivers, a sprinkle of sea salt and a squirt of lime 15 minutes before a meal, helps build the digestive fire to break down food and aid the body’s ability to complete the digestion process. Not to mention it helps with nausea, warming the body, and calming anxiety. Ashwagandha is beginning to show up in more and more western items such as elixirs (drinks), supplements, and health food items. One of the top herbs used in Ayurveda; it is known for strengthening the immune system, calming the mind, relieving stress, boosting energy, and improving concentration. 

    With several modalities that you practice, what is one of your favourites? Oh, such a difficult question to answer! I love mixing them all together in one session. To connect with my client, I intuitively ask emotional regulating questions, have sound therapy playing in the background in the form of vibrational Hurtz, lie them comfortably on the treatment table and start the practice of Marma, which is acupressure therapy. As a Reiki master, I tune into the client’s body and continue with any practices they draw me to. With all that said, I still love teaching yoga classes too!

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