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Volume 3: Brooke Paterson and Dr. Allison Galan

    DID YOU KNOW? ALL ABOUT Brooke Paterson and Dr. Allison Galan

    Brooke, what drew you to go into manual osteopathic manipulation? Although I had been teaching Pilates for a few years, a strong feeling came over me that I was missing something to offer my clients. I was drawn to rehabilitation Pilates, yet it too was missing something. Once I recognized I wanted a hands-on approach, I soon came to study manual osteopathic manipulation. Now fully supporting my clients suffering from structural imbalances, poor circulation, and pain. 

    What is something you learned as an Osteopath that surprised you? How much I would grow to love craniosacral therapy! It was something suggested I should do but never really knew that much about it. Now not only do I pay attention to the spine, bones, joints, and muscles, I have a way of concentrating on the whole body. Being able to connect with their body and guiding a client into harmonizing their nervous system, what is there not to love?!

    Which modalities do you add to your treatments? I always try and include movements, exercises, and stretches people can do to further their healing at home. The one hour they spend with me won’t make a difference unless they understand how their everyday movements and life attributes to what might be going on within their body. The best part of craniosacral therapy, their nervous system is calmer and benefits from hearing the healing sounds of tuning fork vibrations and a crystal bowl. 

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    Allison, when did you first know that you wanted to be a naturopath? So I had never seen a naturopathic doctor before going to school. While taking Kinesiology at University and doing a practicum with an athletic therapist, I heard about osteopathic medicine. It got me going down the google rabbit hole. I searched for “natural medicine school” and came across an intro video that would later be the school I attended, The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. I will never forget how the video started: “Do you have the mind of a doctor, but the heart of a healer?” It was the first real “ah-ha” moment of my life. I was hooked and never looked back.

    What is your favourite ailment to treat? That is a hard one for me! If I had to choose, I would say the human spirit because it all comes down to. I genuinely believe physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is thoroughly intertwined and connected. Whatever the ailment(s), whether it be hormones, gut issues, anxiety or depression, it all comes down to holding space for the spirit. As well as holding a safe space, allowing me time to interpret with the patient what their body is trying to tell them. In the physical realm would be the thyroid, hormonal, gut issues, anxiety, and stress is what I see a lot of.

    Share one thing for someone new coming to see a Naturopath? So firstly, I would say we are an extremely dynamic profession and each practitioner practices very differently. Do your research to find someone who resonates with you. In my first session with patients, I dive a lot deeper into the mental-emotional connections of their health concerns. Some patients don’t expect that, but usually, it allows people to connect themselves and their healing differently and positively.

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