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Volume 4: Cassandra Gray

    DID YOU KNOW? ALL ABOUT Cassandra Gray

    Cassandra, what drew you to practice Acupuncture?

    I was a practicing massage therapist when I found acutonics. I learned an introductory application of the acupuncture points at that time and I became interested in the multitude of ways one could combine and poetically handpick tailored treatments for so many different health problems. I was also impressed that Chinese medicine addressed physical issues within a spiritually connected methodology; something I personally craved. Acupuncture is practiced on the basis of an ancient wholistic viewpoint that doesn’t separate our feelings, thoughts and spirit from our bodies or our state of health. It understands that they are inexplicably connected and can all affect each other in specific ways. No acupuncture treatment is ever the same and it has a sense of magic to it.

    Once I found the right DTCM practitioner to treat my own long-term health issues, I had many beautiful experiences healing emotional trauma, increasing my physical energy and clearing away chronic pain that I was told by several doctors could not be treated. Over the next 3 years, my daily problems with migraines, fatigue, digestive disorders, head fog, body aches and depression actually shifted and, in most cases, they went away completely. My health had become easily manageable and I now had a way to feel better when I needed to. When I began combining acupuncture with herbal treatments, I found even more benefits releasing me from a long-term struggle with endometriosis and difficult cycles with debilitating PMS and pain.

    So, in a nutshell, I guess my own experiences are what really made me want to study acupuncture. In my own acupuncture practice, I have seen amazing results that are heartwarming and powerful and it makes me want to continue to share it with others. I am certainly drawn to acupuncture as a tool for finding center and wholeness while improving health and supporting the body overall.

    How does Acutonics (use of tuning forks) aid in the process of healing?

    Acutonics is a method that melds the theories of Chinese medicine and vibrational sound therapy together, creating a healing experience on a more subtle, energetic level. What this means is that we can shift patterns of energy by introducing waves of vibration that support and harmonize cellular function. The body is largely made up of water and this makes it an excellent resonant material to affect through the use of sound. There is careful research on safe and beneficial resonant frequencies that we can now use to ease the body into states of well-being that support health.

    Simply put, it is a positive experience for any condition but in most cases is used to promote emotional, spiritual and mental relaxation. These natural induced states of relaxation then automatically activate physical healing. It is also a great modality to use for reducing pain and fostering healing to work through personal challenges. I have not found anything else like it and the feedback I get from people the most is a fascination with how they feel after. It creates deep inner connection, expansion of the energy field and in some cases powerful insight and intuition helping one to know themselves better. Many clients express feeling lighter, stronger, and more grounded. It is something I recommend anyone try if it piques their interest. Students, parents, and chronically ill or stressed people can all benefit from an acutonics treatment.

    With women’s health being one of your areas of interest, how do you suggest a woman starts in her healing journey?

    Women have a specific dimension to consider when it comes to their health. Because they lose blood every month and need to be extra careful to replenish their nutrients and get enough rest. It has become common to bulldoze through modern life and women these days have a lot of demands on their time. Women also can have tendencies to build up extra qi (“chi” vital life force) because their hormones are, by nature, dynamic and strong acting. This is needed because many changes take place to accommodate the female cycle and preparation for pregnancy. In this case, we want to focus on allowing and supporting the free flow of qi so we can transition through every shift that will take place, for example, ovulation and menses. Like any issue, balance is the key to finding homeostasis and feeling great. Through acupuncture I can help clients pinpoint their personal patterns, show them strategies and offer treatments to balance their systems long term. Unravelling the core issue and making sure to respect the body’s individual needs are the key to regaining the health you desire.

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