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Volume 5: Hypnotherapy, is that a thing?


    Amberley integrates counselling, hypnotherapy and trance therapy to build the bridge between mind, body and spirit. She is deeply passionate about where eastern philosophies meet western science.  Her specialty is in using a gentle approach to healing, determining what messages we subconsciously hold and which ways we may have blocked our physical or spiritual health capabilities.  

    Amberley’s passion is psychoneuroimmunology.  To ensure each individual understands and holds the keys to recoding their mind to be more powerful, resulting in optimal health and peace. Her gift is in her ability to help individual’s through what is known as ‘Trance Therapy’ -this is where Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation meet.  Used to cleanse unsupportive thought patterns, and recode new ones for vitality and wellbeing.  Studies have shown our cellular community is acting and reacting based on our perspective.  It is vastly important that our subconscious mind is on the same page as our conscious healing goals.  How we communicate to ourselves on a conscious level affects our nervous and immune systems (psychoneuroimmunology) through this meditative process we can open the door to ensure communication between the self and cellular community is a healthy, aligned one.  Trance Therapy works wonders towards healing, by building a bridge between body, mind, and spirit for a cleansed and comforted self. 

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