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    Something exciting is coming to The Samadhi Tree later this summer!

    Kristine has enjoyed doing Sarga Bodywork so much that she has decided to expand her practice to Ashiatsu and have the required bars permanently put into the room.

    What is Ashiatsu?
    “Ashi” translates from Japanese to the word “foot” and “Atsu” translates to “pressure”.
    Ashiatsu is a 3,000-year-old barefoot massage technique, that delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure. The therapist uses bars attached to the ceiling for balance while utilizing their feet and body weight to administer the massage, working with gravity instead of against it. Delivering a deep massage without discomfort to both you and the therapist.

    What are the benefits of Ashiatsu?
    There are many benefits to Ashiatsu Massage, including increased flexibility, reducing stress and pain, and improving posture; it is also great for athletes!
    The effects of the massage actually last longer than with a traditional massage. It helps reduce chronic pain, some strokes stretch the spine and help open the space between the discs and the grove along the spine where all the nerves pass through, and it also brings fresh oxygenated blood to the areas being treated faster than with a traditional massage.

    Who should get Ashiatus?
    Almost anyone can get an Ashiatsu Massage as there are so many reasons:

    • If you are feeling less than flexible
    • Have adhesions or scar tissue that is preventing you from achieving full ROM (range of motion)
    • If you enjoy a deep tissue massage and want a more consistent pressure
    • If you want a relaxation massage and a wider stroke is something you are looking for

    Can you really feel knots and muscle tension with your feet?
    Absolutely! There are TONS of nerve endings in your feet! Pay attention the next time you are walking barefoot and see what you can feel with your feet, you might be surprised.

    Is Ashiatsu only a deep tissue massage?
    Not at all, pressure can be modified to suit the client, anywhere from featherlight to as firm as you like. Feet are broader and create a different sensation than traditional massage, so you are not feeling the ‘poking’ you are used to when using hands, elbows and forearms. With the foot being rounded and broad, it is a game-changer in how you feel during and after your massage.

    Who should NOT get an Ashiatsu Massage? 
    Due to the compressive nature of Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage, therapists must take extra precautions with certain client conditions. This is just a handful of conditions that would be contraindicated for receiving an ashiatsu treatment. Talk to Kristine if you are concerned about any other contraindications you may have.  

    • Pregnancy or trying to conceive
    • High blood pressure
    • Recent injuries or surgeries
    • Contagious skin disorders
    • Compromised immune system
    • Acute liver or kidney disorders
    • Certain medications
    • Acute autoimmune disorders
    • Recent surgical implants
    • Advanced Diabetes

    The journey begins in August 2022, and Kristine can not wait to start practicing on all the bodies!
    We hope that you come and give it a try, and with the bars being a permanent fixture in the room, you can try a little of a lot!

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