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Harmony, Balance, Yin-Yang, Is any of it important?

    Part 1

    Is it something we crave? Something we strive for, why is it even important?

    Our Bodies Balance

    The first thing coming to mind when thinking about balance is trying to stay on top of an exercise ball; yup, that’s right, an exercise ball. Something I always praised my body for being capable of doing. Yet what happens when your body changes and it’s no longer a possibility, even an option?

    Taking care of our bodies is extremely important, and so is the intent we put into caring for them. Do we exercise for our egos (the exercise ball) and vanity, or do we exercise because of social pressures?

    When we can take care of our bodies from our soul, a place of nourishment and pure desire, we take unnecessary stress off of our bodies and assist them in coming into harmony versus so-called ‘balance’.

    Another way of looking at balance is the justice scales, in this case, they are often looked at as fairness or judgement.

    The kinder you are with your body, meaning taking rest when needed, feeding it pleasant food that tastes good and is high in nutrients, daily physical movement and drinking water, your body will adapt and begin to crave these habits. Again this is bringing harmony to the body versus balance.

    Our Definition of Work-life Balance

    Some of you may think of ‘balance’ as work-life balance. So let’s talk about it for a moment. Quite often it means hour for hour or day by day, and sometimes it is based upon what one feels deserved. With so many interpretations, let’s look at the option of a person being able to use emotional intelligence to discover what is ‘right’ for them. EQ (emotional intelligence) assists with communication and aids in bringing clarity to oneself using specific questions and regulating your emotions.

    Before answering any of the following questions for yourself, please note that the answers will be different for everyone and what work-life balance is to one person may be defined as a workaholic to someone else. 

    • How does my job/career bring me joy?
    • What areas of my life does my job stop me from enjoying or participating in?
    • How often am I able to say ‘No’ to work?
    • What stops me from saying ‘No’ to work?
    • How does my job/career define me?
    • Where am I lacking honesty with myself in my job?
    • Who is affected by my need to work?
    • Who is important in my life?
    • What am I ignoring or compartmentalizing by working all the time?

    These are just some examples of how to start the conversation with self. Being honest and candid goes a long way!

    Join me next week for part 2, where we discuss finding balance when life is chaotic and how to find time for yourself when everybody else wants it.

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