The following are some of the things patients of The Samadhi Tree have had to say about their experiences - please feel free to have a read.

  • Cam was a tremendous support for me while I was recovering from a debilitating accident. Working with Cam I showed really quick results for issues that I had been struggling with for a very long time. His approach is very unique and customized. He took me to whole new levels of understanding in pretty much every area of my life. I am extremely grateful!

    • Brenda Jacobson
  • My wife and I met Cameron Forster years before he began his practice. We knew as soon as his studies were complete that he would have great success as he is extremely knowledgeable, kind-hearted and thoughtful. At this point, my wife and I have been seeing Cam for approximately four years and we can confidently say that he is the best the doctor of Chinese Medicine that we have seen. He has consistently helped me with my ailments and general health, ensuring that I understand what the problem is with a clear explanation. Cam has also helped my wife through tough pregnancies to ease some of the ailments that come with growing a child! I have changed the way that I eat, live and think because of Cam's help and guidance as a practitioner. I will and do recommend Cam to anyone looking for a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

    • Alain & Family
  • It will be difficult to put into words what I learned from this experience. Not difficult because I lack the vocabulary to describe it, but because this magical treatment nudged me into a state of reflection – about who I am and where I am in this stage of my life...

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    • Jackie Dumaine
  • Cam was described to me as a wizard of acupuncture! This is absolutely true! His understanding about the human body from the physical to the TCM misalignment is incredible and astounding. His quiet, humble, methodical, respectful and practical approach towards creating a state of health within the body-mind complex is comforting and comes from a true desire of wanting what is best for me. I came to Cam looking for help with fertility and maintaining pregnancy. I am now awaiting the arrival of our baby and couldn’t feel better about my body, my overall outlook on life and I am truly enjoying my pregnancy, feeling healthy, excited and happy.

    • Julia Baumeister
  • Through a very good friend and patient, I was recommended to Dr. Forster’s practice of Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture. In May 2011, I was involved in a rear end car accident, and immediately I knew I needed to seek medical treatment for my neck. I have also been treated for lower back, plantar fasciitis, menopausal and knee conditions; I benefited greatly from these treatments. I had an aversion to needles, and Dr. Forster was very gentle, caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend my family and friends to Dr. Forster, as he is very passionate about your health: mentally, physically and spiritually!

    • Linda Ford
  • I met Cam Forster almost three years ago. I felt that I needed to improve my health and to learn how to better manage stress. Cam was very kind, supportive and very knowledgeable about what steps I would need to take in order to make the change. Although it was quite challenging to change my lifestyle and embrace a more healthy diet, I was able to do it with Cam’s support. I could see the transformation, and more amazingly, so could everybody around me. My husband became a patient too, as well as a few friends. In my office people were interested to know how I lost weight and were telling me that I am changed. I am more calm, relaxed and happier. Strangely enough I was always afraid of needles, however I never felt afraid of the acupuncture sessions. I will say that I am “addicted” to the well-being state that I experience after every treatment. I strongly recommend Cam Forster as a practitioner! He has truly changed my life, and helped me see what is actually important in life.

    • Alina Dedu
  • I started seeing Cam after he was recommended to me - I was having hormonal and digestive issues. I was skeptical, but I was desperate, so I went to see him. I instantly loved him. He was knowledgeable, caring and gave me a timeline I could deal with.

    Things started to fall into place right away, some of the issues were a bit bigger and therefore took time. As long as I have been seeing him, he has been amazing. He always takes into consideration the whole picture. After working with him and my holistic nutritionist, my hormonal and digestive issues have improved nearly 100%. I feel so much better, that sometimes I forget how bad it was. I can still hardly believe how great Dr. Cam Forster is, I email him questions and he gets back to me right away. Even when he was on vacation, he was sure to get back to me as soon as he returned. He really cares about his patients and that makes a huge difference! I would and do recommend him to anyone who wants to heal themselves from the inside out.

    • Alanda Hager

    • Cofounder/instructor of
 Yoga4every1 co-operative
  • When my daughter was four years old, she was diagnosed with Moluscum Contagiosum which our GP said would take three months to resolve. What he didn’t say was that the two spots she presented with would turn into hundreds, covering her from head to toe, within a month. Our GP said that the only treatment he could recommend was burning them off which would leave scars and would do nothing to stop the spreading of the disease. Seeking a more reasonable outcome, I found Dr. Cam Forster. Twenty-four hours after her first treatment, which consisted of 15 minutes under six acupuncture needles, the Moluscum spots began to fall off and disappear. Dr. Cam treated my daughter holistically, prescribing her herbs and dietary changes that made all the difference to her health. Within 5 months, my daughter was Moluscum free! Needless to say, my whole family has been seeing Dr. Cam since and he has made such a difference in our lives. His calm and kind demeanor puts you immediately at ease, and his extensive expertise will gain your confidence as well. He puts the power of health in your hands, teaching you how to take control and change your life.

    • Rochelle, Shaun, Alexa and Gianna Oldenburger
  • I came to see Dr. Forster, upon a recommendation from a family member, after experiencing a health crisis and an inability to maintain a solid appetite. Through regular acupuncture treatments to "re-centre" my system and enacting the advice from Dr. Forster, on what was causing the imbalance within my diet, I finally felt new again.

    I cannot say enough about the work Dr. Forster did on me - not only for my body, but for my soul. He takes the time to really understand the issue, get to the bottom of it and provide sound recommendations for getting better.

    • Will B
  • I met with Cam for the first time about 2.5 years ago, and ever since he has been my first-stop for treatment for literally anything that comes up. After that initial consult, I left overwhelmed with excitement about the level of attention, care, and knowledge that Cam shared with me and was excited to return. By the end of our first session, which was initialized to treat a sore lower back, he addressed ailments that I'd been ignoring for years thinking they were "normal" and "minor" (and probably would be, if you visited your doctor) and suggested that many of my issues were connected and that together we could solve them. Over the years, Cam has successfully treated me using acupuncture and herbology for a variety of issues including anxiety and temper, back and shoulder pain, dampness, acne and candida, and more.

    I have referred a number of my friends and family members to Cam, each who have had similar amazing experiences, and have thanked me for sending them his way.

    On top of his wealth of knowledge and expertise of the human body, he is a person who truly cares about people. When I walk into the clinic, without fail, Cam offers a warm, caring hug and a calmness that is infectious - just a short visit with him does a world of difference, both physically and mentally.

    • Vanessa Erickson