About Cameron

I was born and raised in Lethbridge from a wonderful and loving family environment that always encouraged me in any ambition I took interest in – fortunately for my parents they never needed to push me to achieve my goals as I was, and always have been, my biggest competitor.

I grew up pursuing many different hobbies and interests but ultimately a great education, musical endeavors and high-level athletics always had my heart and interest. Ironically enough, it was a sporting injury in grade 12 (a torn rotator cuff playing volleyball) that I believe was the start of my pursuit towards medicine and specifically, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The injury should have kept me from finishing the end of the season (but I was the Captain of the team and a Captain should always go down with his ship) so I was desperate and needed a quick fix. It was then that my mother introduced me to an Acupuncturist in Lethbridge and within 3 treatments I was back on the court helping guide my team to the city championship. I was fascinated by the medicine and the process of how she was able to diagnose my ‘constitution’ and pick specific points all over my body to facilitate my healing but most importantly, I was in awe of her attention to detail and the level of care that she gave me. It was at this point in my life that I realized I wanted to help others as much as she was able to help me and that my soul would be at peace with every day I woke up after knowing that I could help even just one person find their own health and peace.

Forster Family

Today I’ve found myself blessed with a beautiful family of my own and I strive to be able to provide for them in the same ways my family did for me – my beautiful wife Meaghan and I had been together for 8 years prior to being married in 2013 but had given birth to my son Jackson two years before in 2011. He made a wonderful ring-bearer on the beaches in Mexico for the wedding and is truly one of the biggest reasons I get up every morning (along with my wife of course) and try to be a better person, as his zest for life and innocent nurturing nature is how I believe many of us wish we could see the world every day. We then welcomed my lovely daughter, Saje in July of 2014 and are again in awe of the little woman she is becoming. And just a few months ago we completed our little family when we welcomed my son Bodhi who has the bluest eyes I've ever seen! Life is busy between our giant extended families and family-operated clinic but when the time is filled with events that bring pure joy and are pursued with passion we couldn’t feel more blessed and happy to be busy in such ways!

Looking ahead to what I’m hoping to manifest with The Samadhi Tree, I would love to see it become a staple for alternative health care in Calgary. Its’ safe, warm and nurturing environment already provides a haven for those who are looking for long-term solutions to their health predicaments and as time moves forward I hope to offer a wide-range of health solutions to fit all ‘wellness’ needs. We will take pride in giving back to the community, both in time and donations and look to create a community of health practitioners whose number one priority is to provide the highest level of care possible, creating space and time to truly hear and heed the needs of its’ patients. As the clinic grows I hope the model grows also – a model in which time with an individual is more important a prescription pad, that understanding and compassion is the foundation for all of life’s struggles and that love in its’ purest form always triumphs over illness. I hope you will join us in our movement!


Dr. Cameron Forster