Our Clinic

Mission Statement

"At The Samadhi Tree Center for Conscious Living we will strive to ensure that every patient who enters our doors leaves as his or her own best physician."


Our Philosophy is Simple - by spending quality one-on-one time and truly getting to know one another, The Samadhi Tree wants to enhance Traditional Healthcare by returning to the basics of treating and individual, not a disease. We understand that within a persons' inherent constitution there is a great ability to heal from within and by taking into account and recognizing all factors (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual) in which our bodies' are trying to get our attention - often in the form of pain or illness - it is indeed possible to uncover the roots to true healing and move beyond such inhibiting conditions. If we have educated an individual to know their greatest strengths and within such knowledge, the ability to identify and prevent future health complications from reoccuring in the future, our Mission is then complete.