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Tibetan Sound Bowl Therapy/Reiki/Oracle Card Readings

Sound therapy can transmit healing vibrations through direct use of voice, music, a variety of tonal sounds, or a combination of all three. Specifically directed sounds can be used to treat a variety of disorders including anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, memory loss and various traumas. Sasha provides a shamanic journey blending Usui Reiki, frequency music, singing, sound tools and channeled Message. During this multilayered sound massage Sasha helps you better process your sensations and emotions to promote Balance in your energy field and guide you to become more grounded and in touch with yourself.
Reiki is beneficial to the mind, body and Spirit and the positive results are getting widespread recognition in the health care community. Reiki allows for the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, prompting one's body to its deepest levels of relaxation and healing. In this state, a person is able to receive a fresh current of life-force energy which moves and clears dense stagnant energies that burrow within. As this energy flows through the main energy points (Chakras), patients' feel refreshed with a renewed sense of Self following the atunements.
Oracle readings guide by color, picture and feeling leaving space for the intuition to channel in and speak to your now moment. This guidance helps to bring you clarity, validation and resolution on your path. Energy shifts occur during the sessions as often just the awareness, intention and witness can start to move energy. If a block is sensed our practitioner Sasha will often incorporate her energy healing techniques to assist you in creating desired change on your path.

Meet Sasha

Sasha Spronk

Holistic Practitioner, Tibetan Sound Bowl & Reiki Therapist


Physical healing is like any other journey, you need to take it one step at a time.


Understanding who you are in order to become the person you want to be.


Heal your past, heal your present, heal your future.


Release and remove the negative energies that may be causing you pain and stress.