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Dr. Allison Galan

Naturopathic Doctor

About Allison

Dr. Allison Galan ND focuses on empowering the patients she works with to be their own catalyst for change. She aims to create a unique environment and space for patients, in order for them to feel comfortable in expressing all aspects of their health. This can involve exploring all aspects of their life and their relationship with themselves and others.

Dr. Allison ND believes that health is a journey. She is passionate about being a teacher, support, and guide in order to assist patients using holistic and bioenergetic health approaches. She believes that the holistic approach involves exploring the mental, emotional, Spiritual, and cellular levels of health and healing. Sessions focus on the mind-body connection and how to connect these to improve overall health and healing.

Dr. Allison ND works with individuals presenting with a variety of health concerns and always welcomes patients with a broad scope of health and wellness goals. She has a keen interest in thyroid disease, pain management, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, digestive concerns, and weight loss. As well as mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, and stress. Her therapies are largely focused on dietary and lifestyle counselling, botanical therapy (herbs), acupuncture, and exploring the deep-rooted causes for disease and dysfunction.

She does not focus on treating paediatrics, however is happy to offer paediatric food sensitivity testing.


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – University of Alberta, 2012
  • Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine – Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2016
  • Registered Naturopathic Doctor with the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta (CNDA) – since 2016
  • Registered Naturopathic Doctor with the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) – since 2016


Physical healing is like any other journey, you need to take it one step at a time.


Understanding who you are in order to become the person you want to be.


Heal your past, heal your present, heal your future.


Release and remove the negative energies that may be causing you pain and stress.