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Cassandra Gray

Acupuncture, Acutonics/Sound Therapy, Energy Work

About Cassandra

Having experienced serious health challenges earlier in life and not finding relief through standard forms of health care, Cassandra has naturally gravitated to alternative forms of medicine.

For the past 18 years she has been gathering knowledge on healthy diet, exercise, belief system patterning and alternative healing methods that are intrinsically nurturing and effective. She began learning in depth yoga and pranayama/breathing practices, and from there went on to practice massage therapy. Shortly thereafter she learned acutonics sound therapy and naturally found her way to acupuncture and Chinese medicine where she learned to use herbs, cupping, needle placement and the traditional style of TCM pattern diagnosis. Cassandra finds acupuncture to be a complex and beautiful medicine that has the potential to generate profound healing benefits.

Her style is based around traditional and non-traditional methods which include Chinese Zang fu, five elements and esoteric acupuncture practices. She also uses her background in anatomy, massage and movement to address injuries, wear and tear or overuse pain in a gentle and wholistic way. Her approach is to meet you where you currently are, and use your long-term health goals as a focus to provide a uniquely tailored therapeutic treatment. She endeavors to empower her clients through health and lifestyle education, alignment of thought and intention which help facilitate health and a deeper sense of personal power. Aside from offering acupuncture, she also offers treatments using acutonics sound therapy which can provide deeper states of inner connection, peace and clarity.

In any treatment her attitude is open, compassionate and engaged. She enthusiastically welcomes all clients. Her interests include injury recovery, female health, chronic illness, chronic depletion, emotional and spiritual trauma, anxiety, depression, immune health and pain.


  • Acupuncture diploma / RAc, 2021
  • CPR/first aid level C, 2021
  • Usui reiki – level 1 + 2, 2014
  • Acutonics levels 1,2, Energetic Ethics, Points +
  • Meridians, 2012/2013
  • 2200 hr diploma in massage therapy, MH vicars, 2011
  • 200 hr ashtanga yoga teacher training w/ Rameen Peyrow, 2008
  • 400 hr hatha/vinyasa/anusara yoga teacher training w/ Trinity Yoga, 2007


Physical healing is like any other journey, you need to take it one step at a time.


Understanding who you are in order to become the person you want to be.


Heal your past, heal your present, heal your future.


Release and remove the negative energies that may be causing you pain and stress.