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Emma Pavich

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner & Holistic Health Practitioner

About Emma

Emma facilitates her clients in bringing balance to their lives through an interactive approach that combines mind and heart-based methodologies. She integrates healing wisdom from Ayurveda, Acupressure (Marma Point), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Yoga-each one a powerful tool in itself-guiding each patient through their unique healing journey. This healing process starts with a thorough intake process of observing a patient’s physical health, daily routines, and habits. The next steps are to identify the root cause of imbalances, determine optimal treatment options and create a specific implementation plan for each client, which includes children and teens.

Emma works with adolescents to expand their ability to interact with their world through emotional vocabulary, regulation, and agility. She facilitates extraordinary experiences that enable them to calm any anxiety, depression, and overwhelm while with her while allowing them to develop the skills to achieve these states on their own. The work begins with creating safe spaces to have difficult conversations, through which imparts the techniques they can use in their daily lives and it is assisted by the use of EQ card games.

Emma’s extensive experience & education shines through in her work with her clients and is a continuous inspiration for them to create these skills within themselves.


  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine – California College of Ayurveda, 2016
  • Licensed Ayurvedic Health Practitioner – NAHHP, since 2016: Herbology, Body Therapies, Aromatherapy, Cromotherapy (Colour), Diet Therapy, Sound Therapy, Pranayama & Asana Therapy, Sleep Therapy
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 500-RYT, since 2011 – 3,000+ teaching hours
  • Usui Level 2 Reiki Practitioner
  • Standard CPR & AED, 2019
  • Certified Fitness Instructor – AFLCA, since 1997: Certified Weight Trainer, Certified Aquafit Instructor, Certified Spin Instructor, Certified MOC Barre Method Instructor
  • Certified Living on Raw Foods Chef


Physical healing is like any other journey, you need to take it one step at a time.


Understanding who you are in order to become the person you want to be.


Heal your past, heal your present, heal your future.


Release and remove the negative energies that may be causing you pain and stress.