New Patients

Initial Consultation w/ Dr. Forster (TCMD, R.Ac) – 1.5hrs $250

The Initial Consultation is the cornerstone of a successful treatment course in which most of Dr. Forster’s patients start their journey to health.

It is highly recommended for all new patients who want to once-and-for-all eliminate any health complications, acute or chronic in nature. It is a one-time session and fee that allows the time and care for a thorough health history and examination in an intimate one-on-one environment. All health complications can and will be discussed as it is crucial to see the body acting as a ‘whole’ and not just separate entities, for nothing is unrelated in our bodies’ attempts to communicate to us.

After a diagnosis has been made the first treatment will commence after which the patient will return home with a “Report of Findings” detailing all of the information (diagnosis, treatment plan/course of action, initial diet, herbal and supplemental recommendations and what to expect moving forward) covered within the Consult. At this point, patients now have 24/7 email access to Dr. Forster and can contact him anytime throughout a course of treatment and even outside a course of a treatment if they have any questions in regards to their health and wellbeing – once you are a patient of Dr. Forster’s you can be a patient for life, if you so choose!

Most treatment plans will also include a specific herbal and/or supplemental program to aid in the speed and efficacy of the healing process; this often begins in the 2nd week of treatment. As well, many patients prefer to address any diet and/or lifestyle adjustments that can be made so there is an option to receive a detailed “Diet Plan” by the 3rd week of treatment geared specifically to one’s ‘constitution’ (think genetic predisposition) – this is considered a beneficial and lifelong approach to addressing a person’s specific dietary needs as is a very effective and crucial component to entering the ‘preventative medicine phase’ of a treatment course.

Dr. Forster is happy and humbled to see anyone and everyone, including children above 3 years of age and will often combine up to 3 children between the ages of 3 and 18 in one single consultation session for the one single consultation fee. Starting a “Preventative” health journey is possible at any age and it is never too late or too early to start!

Initial Consultation w/ Dr. Galan (N.D, Homeopathy) - 75 mins $195

The initial visit is a one-time, 75 minute consultation in which the chief concerns are discussed in detail and a thorough medical history is taken. A relevant physical exam is included as well. The importance of a comprehensive examination is stated in one of the principles of naturopathic medicine: 'Treat the Whole Person.' This is vital as treatments recommended are not based solely on physical symptoms in isolation of each other, but depend on the interconnection between them as well as on the mental/emotional symptoms that embody the patient. Dr. Galan uses distinct homeopathic case taking methods to allow her patients to get to the core of their concerns.

A specific and individualized treatment plan is discussed at the initial visit and includes a working diagnosis as well as suggestions for further investigations if required (blood work, salivary hormones, food sensitivities, heavy metals, environmental pollutants, etc.) Results derived from these forms of testing can help elucidate the root cause of disease, which is imperative for developing an effective treatment strategy. Also included in the treatment plan are: nutrition, lifestyle and hydrotherapy suggestions; botanical, nutraceutical and/or homeopathic recommendations; and may include acupuncture, IV Therapy, Botanicals and/or intramuscular injections if indicated.

Dr. Galan runs a family practice and welcomes all patients, including infants. She does have specific interest in women's health, mental health and chronic disease.

Counselling and Psychotherapy - 50 mins $125, 80 mins $150

Please see 'Continuing Care' Section for specifics on the types of therapies involved.