Benefits of Acupuncture

Along with the aforementioned conditions that the WHO recognizes as being effectively treatable with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Forster has successfully treated over 1000 patients in the last 5 years who have suffered from many other health conditions as well.

With a proper treatment protocol that often includes herbal supplements, diet therapy, energy work and acupuncture there often isn’t much that can’t be treated, as long as the focus is always on treating the individual’s needs and not just a ‘disease’. This personalized and unique approach to wellness is the key to not only addressing and relieving current health complications but will also ensure that a long-term ‘Preventative Plan” will be in place once health goals have been met so that ‘old patterns’ can’t sneak back in. Some of the more common patterns that people often seek out Dr. Forster for include: Infertility and Fertility-Related Conditions (Hormone Regulation), Endocrinology (Thyroid Conditions, Adrenal Fatigue), Insomnia, Dermatology (Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne), Emotional Disorders (Depression, Anxiety), Digestive Disorders (Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS) and Auto-Immune Conditions (Lupus, Allergies, Rheumatoid Arthritis) and much more.